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Friday, March 16, 2007

Pet Expo!

I did the Denver Pet Expo this past weekend. It was a great show. Bob Payne from Tower Show Productions was handling the show and Thumbs up to Bob! He did a great job. I had lots of help at the show. My best friend Amy helped me set up- and did the show with me on Saturday. She was awesome. She really knows how to sell product. She lives in Florida and her boyfriend came to help as well! And of course, my loving husband Bill was there to help me set up and he worked the show with me on Saturday. On Sunday.... THe girls of Pop Art Pet helped me do my show. They are two of the nicest girls I have met in a long time. They are located at Check out thier website. They do computer generated art from your pet's photo. THey do a great job. Here is a picture of a painting they did for me of my dog and mascot Angel Marie.
They really captured her personality. I will be posting another blog with more information on Pop Art Pet and the art that they created for me. Thank you to Pop Art Pet.

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