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Lil Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery
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Monday, June 18, 2007

April Hampshire from Performance Foods wrote...

:::::Isabella laying in her new floral hammie with a pink feather
pen and paper in paw::::::::::::

MOM...... Do I have reliable transportation ?


I am filling out an application for a job at Lil' Angel Pet Boutique
and Gallery in Denver. She is very ferret friendly and is hiring.
Now that I have to find a job, to support my shopping I thought I
would work at a cool place like that.

I dunno what Tonks is thinking...if I get a job, particularly at a
boutique or somewhere that I would be an asset, does anyone think that
a paycheck will be coming home with me? HELLO....I shop. "Working" in
a shop or boutique actually sounds pretty cool. I hope there is an
employee discount!!!!

Miss Isabella Gucci-

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