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Lil Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Finished Custom Painting 12''x12''

Another one of my wonderful portraits. The customer who received this painting will be adding it to her other 5 paintings I have done for her. This 6th one will be very complementary to her others.

Memorial Day Festival on Old South Gaylord

This past weekend, Old South Gaylord hosted their annual memorial day festival, which lasted 2 days. This is employee Anni with my puppy Nakita at our booth located just outside the shop. This booth was an extension to the shop. The weekend was a great way for people to come out, spend time with friends, listen to live music, and discover new shops ...such as Lil' Angel!

Finished Custom Painting : Girl adn Dog 18''x24''

Some may have seen my blog from March 19 about this painting. For those that didn't, this is a painting of a girl and her dog. The dog passed away while I was in the process of painting this. Well, this is the finished painting! The recipient absolutely loves it! And this was definitely a great present, as well as a wonderful memory. I am so glad I got to create such an important piece.

Proud Puppy at Lil' Angel with his Braided Bully

This furry little Golden is proudly carrying his braided bully stick he received from his loving owner. This bully is one of the many treats and chews available at the shop. Not only is this chew a favorite, it is also USDA approved as well as made in the U.S.A. Similarly, all the treats we carry come from the U.S., not from China. Only the best and healthiest for our little critters. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lots of dog and cat product ideas for your home can be found at Lil' Angel!!

A typical walk thru my home...

...consists of lots of items that I found at Lil' Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery.

Once you get into the house you will find artwork on the walls of the furry friends that live in my house and that once lived in the house by Meredith Brooks of Lil' Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery. Check out her website and get some artwork of your own!!

Then you will find in the family room two raised mahogony feeders for the two dogs that live with me. They are from Pet Edge and can be found at Lil' Angel

The feeders have a food trap underneath them to protect my hardwood floors from getting dog food all over it from the dogs eating. This can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

In the family room there are also two cat scratching stations one at the window that is 5' and one in the corner of the room that is 9'. The cat scratching posts can be special ordered at Lil' Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery. They really save my furniture!! 

In the family room I also have two baskets on the floor. One for the dog bones and toys and one for the cat toys. 

In the kitchen there are two large stainless steel water bowls for the dogs and cat to drink out of. Stainless is the way to go to prevent acne on the dogs chin and clean the water bowl daily to remove any residue in the bowls. They can be found at Lil' Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery. 

In the dining room I have another cat scratching station for the cat to scratch in the dining room if needed.

That is the typical walk thru of my home and all of the pet items you can find there!!