Lil Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery

Lil Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery
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About the Artist 

Meredith Brooks has been drawing and painting animals and people for over 20 years. She has a BFA from Florida Atlantic University and has had a studio at the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, CO.
She currently paints out of her home and is thinking of relocating the studio to the shop on South Gaylord Street so her customers can see the creations in progress.

Meredith was commissioned to do 20 paintings this past Holiday Season 2011. It was awesome to do so many paintings and have so many loved. She received high praises from the completed paintings.

Meredith is currently working on 21 commissioned pieces this Holiday Season 2012.
Here are some of the comments.

It looks really cute. 
Blair Taylor, Denver, CO

Thank you SO much!    I absolutely love it!!! 
Joyce J., Denver, CO.

We all got together for dinner at her house to give it to her, and when I put the package in front of her she asked "Am I going to cry?", I said yes :)).  She did cry but smiling, she loved it and after and thanking us again & again, got right up from the table grabbed her hammer & hung it on the wall, in a perfect spot by her kitchen.  I left her home happy & glowing, thank you again so much, it meant so much to her.  
Annie W. - Denver, CO

I received my portrait of Bob. I love it, thank you so much for your hard work!
-Sally - New York, NY